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I am an out and proud transvestite and would dearly love to see more trannies come out of the closet. Come on girls, it's too crowded in there.

I am an occasional visitor to St Michaels TV Group, which serves the Birmingham and surrounding areas. There is also a thriving Gay Village in the Hurst street area of Birmingham which is very welcoming of trannies. In the spring each year The Gay Village hosts Birmingham Pride which takes place every spring as a 3 day event.


What's new?

It was my birthday on the 17th, I had the best card I've seen for years, if you like cats and you like low humour click this

cat card

Check out the gorgeous links page for wonderful ways to chat on the net and wonderful ways to experience art with Peter Gabriel

A few days ago I finally found what I have been waiting for on the net, 3D Chat where each person is present as an Avatar (a computer generated body) in a 3D environment like Doom and Quake. I started it, entered the world and I lo and behold I was a penguin standing on an asteroid in space with two others. This would just not do, so I asked a white bearded man, "how do I get to be a girl?" he led me to the Avatar gallery where I chose a hologram of a hippy girl. To cut a long story short I bought a membership which now allows me to choose articulated Avatars which are customisable, this is the bit which us vain trannies love, in the Avatar gallery is a morphing room with lots of full length mirrors so I went in, chose blue hair, pink top, patterned split skirt and red shoes. Strangely enough there was also a black girl in a yellow short dress trying on a four foot long Toucans head, well I ain't going to criticise anyones taste but for Gods sake, anyone should know that it's dark blue with Toucan heads.

Experience this indulgent madness via the link on the Gorgeous links page


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